• For Consultants

  • How do I join Noble House Talent Marketplace?

    Joining Noble House is simple. Just click on this link to register and complete your primary profile, upload your CV and you will be good to go.

  • Are there any joining charges?

    Joining Noble House is free at the moment. We are still building the platform and will update you when we make any changes.

  • When will the platform go live?

    The platform is currently open for freelance consultants to register and submit their profile. We will open the platform for the organization by January to submit their projects/assignments.

  • How does one get paid?

    As a last step, you will need to get into an agreement between yourself and the organization, which will define the term of engagement. Noble House does not play any role in this.

  • Is there a possibility of joining a full-time role with any company?

    Yes. Companies have an option to put up full-time opportunities on the platform. You can apply for the ones that suit you.

  • For Companies:

  • How can I post projects on Noble House?

    We are working on the platform and plan to open it up for the companies soon. You can leave your contact details here drop us an email at hello@noblehouse.asia and we will keep you posted.